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3 Unexpected Signs You’re Manifestation What You Want Through Law Of Attraction



We’re always manifesting.

The question is: are we manifesting our dreams or our fears?

It can be hard to tell, at times. Especially when the reality of manifesting can look very different from what we envisioned in our minds.

Many of us think the law of attraction is a smooth ride. And why wouldn’t it be?

When we feel that we’re in alignment with the universe, that we have our spiritual practices down pat and that we’re radiating positivity, we can’t help but expect great things to come to us in that flow.

But, when it comes to manifesting, you may want to buckle up because you’re about to be in for a bumpy ride.

Here are the signs to look out for to (hopefully) get you through the challenging parts of manifesting through law of attraction.

Nothing is going right

Everything is falling apart — or it feels that way, at least.

When you’ve been putting in the work to manifest your goal, it’s hard not to get discouraged when life starts going wrong.

This is where many people fall short. They give up the moment the road becomes challenging.

Maybe it’s because they feel it’s not in the cards for them. Or because they don’t have the drive to overcome the challenges they’re facing. Or they feel it’s not what they were expecting. Who knows, really.

You often hear those stories of successful people who were on the brink of giving up, but something told them to keep going. And when they pushed through, they made their wildest dreams come true.

Their perseverance paid off.


The universe tends to reward those who persevere through the good times and the bad because:

  1. You’re being tested. The universe is asking, “are you sure this is what you really want?” Law of attraction takes work — despite the popular belief that your dreams will simply fall into your lap if you wish hard enough— so your actions must be in alignment with what you’re trying to achieve. Your manifestation isn’t going to randomly knock on your door one day, so be prepared to work hard in order to score big.
  2. It’s about preparing the container. Master Sri Akarshana talks about this extensively, but the concept is simple: our bodies are containers. There’s only so much a container can hold, so, in order to add something new, you have to remove something. That’s why, if your life feels chaotic in the moment, it could be because the universe is shifting things around to make room for your manifestation.

Remember the saying, “it’s always darkest before the dawn” (or however the phrase goes).

There may be dark periods as you go down this path, but you can always count on the fact that the sun always rises.

Your manifestation could be closer than you think. So push through those challenges and keep going.

Doubt creeps in

“Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.” —William Shakespeare

Simply put, doubt gets in the way of achievement. It chips away at our hope, our motivation and our optimism for the future.

As a result, we’re less keen to put in the work necessary to reach our goals because we (consciously and/or unconsciously) don’t feel our efforts will pay off.

Therefore, we must overcome doubt to reach what it is we’re trying to manifest.

Push through even when that voice in our head makes us question ourselves. Have faith in the universe and know that we’re being guided in the right direction.

Come to expect that doubt is an enemy you’ll have to face on this journey. It comes with the territory.

Deep down, you know

It doesn’t make sense. But you know it’s true.

Despite all of the bumps and bruises along the way, deep down, you know your manifestation is coming.

It’s like this inner knowing that tells you that everything is going to be fine, even if, on the outside, everything seems to be going wrong. It’s something you feel down to your core.

It’s not logical and, if you told people, they’d probably look at you like you’re crazy. But even with the doubts, the fears and the feeling that things around you are going wrong, you know it’s coming.

So stick with that feeling.

Trust it. Follow it.

Your intuition will tell you everything you need to know.

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